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"If you want to succeed, you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success."
John D Rockefeller (1839-1937)

Forté Management is an independent thinking business management and marketing consultancy providing New Zealand businesses unique insights to building performance. The Forté Management team are considered the leaders in understanding the impact of national culture (Kiwi psyche) on the thinking and behaviour of Kiwis – whether as managers or those being managed as well as the relationships between how we think and behave and the thinking and behaviour of the people we engage with in our export markets. This knowledge is interwoven with combined decades of practical experience in many different management, consulting, training and executive coaching roles across literally hundreds of both private and public sector organisations, small and large.

Forté Management realised early on that "conventional wisdom" is not providing Kiwi businesses with the edge that legendary Kiwi innovativeness and hard work ought to. Their business consulting, coaching and training are all focused on providing managers with new skills and knowledge, new insights to growing their business performance and the confidence to implement what they know. That makes Forté Management's services "meaningfully unique" and the reason why you should choose us as your business consultants, coaches and trainers!


We're guessing that like most owners and managers you spend quite a lot of your time figuring out how to maintain or grow your productivity and profit. You will have worked hard on controlling costs, minimising waste and trimming staff costs. Unfortunately in a world of bench marking and shared information so have your competitors and the strategy of driving efficiency has been reduced to "table stakes" – it's the minimum that you need to even be in the game. The problem is, we are locked into a business model reliant on driving out cost and we have neglected the opportunity to create and especially to harvest value. The net result is, despite our ingenuity and hard work, we let a surprising amount of value slip through our fingers. Click here to see why and check New Zealand's performance over the past 110 years.

Albert Einstein said it well – "You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created it." In other words, we need to change our mindsets about performance, productivity and profit. And the only way to do that is to adopt new models and discover new insights. That's why our business consultants, coaches and trainers focus deeply on how the Kiwi psyche affects the way that we manage and need to be managed and why we target with laser accuracy the realities of the 21st century workplace and what it takes to grow performance. The great thing is, changing perspectives and gaining new insights is the least cost approach to solving puzzles!

Only Forté Management has applied so much effort to understanding the Kiwi productivity puzzle from the people perspective, wrapping together our own research and experience with a wealth of international research on the topic. That really does make us "meaningfully unique" and the reason why you should choose us as your business consultants, coaches and trainers!


The single biggest opportunity on offer for Kiwi businesses is to focus on performance management and especially people performance management. If you'd like to grow your business productivity by up to 40% for a very modest investment, then read on. While these numbers might sound fanciful, they are drawn from high quality research, some of it done right here in New Zealand. They are why our headline uses the word "game changing" because that's exactly what they are. This is no new age whizz-bang mumbo jumbo fad from overseas. It's business consulting, coaching and training specially designed for Kiwi businesses – delivering an amalgam of research and practical experience shaped into strategies designed especially for the 21st century Kiwi workplace.

(The claims of up to 40% performance gains come from highly reputable research: Corporate Leadership Council (2002) Building A High Performance Workforce; Ministry of Economic Development (2010) Management Matters in Manufacturing: How Does New Zealand Rate?)

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