KNOWLEDGE EMPOWERS. ACTION CHANGES THINGS. Helping New Zealand businesses implement and maintain structures, team culture, empowerment and leadership for success. THE STRENGTH OF A MODERN BUSINESS IS EMPOWERED PEOPLE. Growing people IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RESPONSIBILITY OF MODERN MANAGERS. The culture a manager creates is the single most significant factor in determining performance, productivity and profit.

Trusted consulting, training and coaching for Kiwi businesses

Forté Management are qualified leaders in dynamic business consulting, training and coaching. We help you implement an optimum business structure for processes, systems, culture and people management to achieve your goals. We use the latest in evidence-based research, carefully interpreted for Kiwi businesses, combined with our decades of practical experience. We provide you with the knowledge, strategies and practical skills that you can put into practice straight away.



Our clients range from one person start-ups to large corporations with thousands of employees. We are available for both remote and face to face services throughout New Zealand.


We offer bespoke business consulting rather than a set formula, working to achieve unique solutions for you and your employees, managers and specific company teams.


Empower your managers or employees by helping them explore their true potential, in life and in work, by developing confidence and learning how to apply themselves.


With a focus on economic benefits, growth and learning, we offer professional development and training for 21st century Kiwi managers, supervisors and staff.



With extensive expertise and knowledge in positive psychology and national culture, we provide insightful advice carefully tailored for modern New Zealand businesses to help build success.


National culture deeply influences our thinking, our working and our behaviour, and New Zealand is home to one of the most multi-cultural workforces and marketplaces in the world.


The human mind is 31% more productive when positive than when negative. Learn how to create a happier workplace full of energy, collaboration and optimal results and outcomes.

We provide solutions for your business

With more than 20 years’ experience in both private and public sector organisations throughout a range of industries, we know what works, and what doesn’t. Empowering is our consulting, training and coaching keynote, and we have an extensive and unique understanding of the importance of culture and psychology within businesses here in New Zealand.