Coaching is a facilitated process to help people to explore, develop and empower their full potential, both in life and in work.


No one has complete control over the things that happen to them in their daily and work lives, but they do have the power to control how they respond. An important part of our coaching process is in building new neural pathways that provide people with more choices for the way they think and behave.

In its purest form, coaching assumes that people have all the knowledge they need to do their jobs, and it is the role of the coach to help them discover this. This will help enable them to develop the confidence to apply that knowledge.

What does Forté Management see as the best management coaching style to help New Zealand businesses?


  • We apply our own “hybrid” coaching model, working with our clients to help build a new layer of knowledge and skills to sit alongside what our client already knows.


  • Much of the new management science emerging is unrealistic for companies to keep up with (that’s our job), which is turning “conventional wisdom” upside down. It’s our core objective to help share with you what is relevant to your business and what will work for you.


  • Here in New Zealand it is common for people to be promoted to managing people from their technical roles because they were good at what they did. These managers are competent, and even experts in their technical roles, yet they have little or no formal training in management, particularly in managing other people. This is our greatest opportunity to create improvement.


  • In sport, working with a coach is an expected part of improvement, growth and learning, and now more than ever managers in a vast range of industries are also recognising the benefits of working with a professional coach.

Helen Smale is our qualified professional executive coach.

She has built a reputation amongst Forté’s clients for helping them bring about transformative changes in their work and personal lives.

Forté abides by internationally accepted professional coaching practices and ethics.

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