Positive psychology has become a revolution in the science of managing people.


The focus is on the discovery that people are capable of much more than they realise. Most people seek to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, and to succeed and do well in their job, they just need managers to empower them to do so.

You may think positive psychology, also known as “The Happiness Advantage”, refers to the type of wishful, positive thinking that is so popular with best-selling self-help books, but it’s so much more than that. It is a scientifically validated approach to managing and empowering people, which when used correctly can enable their best possible performance. Alongside this is the discoveries of negative triggers, threats and other elements which disrupt attention and performance, and how best to avoid these.

How can the correct use of positive psychology empower my employees? A Wall Street Journal summary of research showed the below results:


  • By implementing techniques of positive psychology, employees can be up to 31% more productive in their job, compared to when negative, neutral or stressed.


  • Positive people make quicker, more accurate decisions than those who are negative, neutral or stressed, and possess greater resilience and higher success rates.


  • Positive employees have a stronger sense of achievement, identify 98% more with organisational values and are 186% more likely to recommend your business to others.


  • Positive employees stay in their roles twice as long as unhappy colleagues and are ten times less likely to take sick leave, saving your business valuable human resources and new employee hiring and training costs.

Our Positive Psychology Guru

Helen Smale, a very positive person by nature, practices what she preaches when observing the principles of positive psychology. She is widely read and educated in the topic, completing University of California Berkeley’s The Science of Happiness programme. Our clients who have learned and adopted the principles of positive psychology have found it life changing, not only for themselves but for their family and colleagues too. The best part is, most of these principles are straightforward and only require a few minutes each day.


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