Here at Forté Management we focus on management training for 21st century Kiwi managers from all types of industries, by empowering your people to empower your organisation.


Our supervisor and manager training is informative, inspiring and practical for New Zealand companies. We bring you only the latest in research, which has been interpreted for our Kiwi business culture.  Our programmes cover a broad range of management topics for your unique needs – whether you’re a small, medium or large business – to equip your managers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to create an empowered workplace.


Forté Management’s training is available in three tiers: 


  1. Workshops open to the public
  2. In-house, either off the shelf or adapted for your particular needs
  3. Designed from scratch, especially for your needs

How can Forté Management help my company with training services?


  • Our programmes are directly connected to what is going on in today’s Kiwi workplace. We use unique expertise and insights along with the latest research from here and around the world, adapted for the New Zealand context.
  • Our training covers the impact of national culture and the game-changing management science of positive psychology.
  • Our decades of practical management experience and training ensures quality and relevant content along with high energy, grounded presenters.
  • Our integrated consulting, coaching and training mean we are in face to face contact with real Kiwi businesses every day of the week.



Forté Management training programmes are co-presented by Helen and Tony, who are both qualified, experienced, engaging and motivating speakers.


Tony began his career in medical laboratories where he started his first management role. Subsequent education and experience in various management and business ownership roles led to the formation of Forté Management in 1991. His early experience in science created his passion and dedication for seeking out new knowledge and applying that to evidence-based decision making. Tony also has a number of management qualifications including an MBA (Henley). His specialisation is in the impact of Kiwi national culture on innovation and business performance. He is a highly regarded, captivating speaker, combining the latest in research with a deep understanding of what does and does not work in the Kiwi workplace.


Helen began her working career in medical laboratories, in a number of science and management roles in the health and dairy sectors, where she built a worldwide reputation for innovation and leadership. Helen joined Forté Management full time in 2013. Her qualifications include Diplomas in Training and Development and Professional Coaching, plus studies in positive psychology through Berkeley University. In 2018, Helen was appointed to the Cawthron Institute Trust Board. She is a widely experienced motivating and entertaining presenter who delivers a breadth of knowledge and practical workplace experience.


We offer bespoke business consulting to achieve unique solutions.


Culture deeply influences our thinking, our working and our behaviour.


Help your managers and employees explore their true potential.


Create a workplace full of energy, collaboration and optimal outcomes.