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Management training for 21st century Kiwi Managers

What you need to know | What you need to do - to empower your staff to do their very best work every day

Forté Management aims to equip owners and managers with the knowledge and skills, and the confidence to apply what they know, to create workplaces where individuals, teams and the whole business are empowered to do their very best work every day. That means a changed approach and questioning conventional "wisdom", especially the American cultural paradigm that the majority of management theory and training is based upon.

Why Forté Management?

Our programmes are directly connected to what is happening in today’s Kiwi workplace and incorporate:

Three Tier Pathway

The Forté Management programmes are provided in three tiers:

Public or Customised In-house Programmes

All of the programmes are available as customised in-house training and all except Customer Service and Workplace Safety Culture are offered as scheduled programmes open to the public.

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