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Executive Coaching

Empowering people to develop their full potential

Coaching is a facilitated process helping people to explore and develop their full potential - in life - in work. Forté Management's Executive and Business coaching provides you with one on one facilitated support to focus on setting and achieving your personal and business goals and to keep you on track to realise your own, your team and your business‘s potential. Coaching relies upon the individual having the intrinsic motivation to improve and willingness to work with their coach to develop and achieve their own full potential. Ten years ago, most companies engaged a coach to help fix toxic behaviour at the top. Today, most coaching is about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers. Whatever the reason for coaching – the aim is to empower people with the skills and attitude to do their very best work every day.

Fixing "problems" - growing good performance

People choose coaching for many different reasons. Sometimes they are "stuck" and can't think of what else to do in order to move forward. Sometimes there may not be anyone at their level that they can have confidential conversations with. Others recognise that by improving their personal performance their organisation will also benefit. Maybe they are looking for change, a different perspective, or have important goals to reach. Executive or "business" coaching focuses on helping individuals go from where they are now, to where they want to be at some time in the future. Forté Management's senior coach Helen Smale holds a Diploma of Professional Coaching, a Diploma of Training and Development and training from Berkley University in Positive Psychology. She is a Member of the International Coaching Federation.

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